Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Road to Damascus


Road to Damascus

  Granite faith exfoliated by superguns and sanctions whirls,
on this earth succumbing into dry spell of peace,
War-crats and confidantes skinning freedom from its people
Koffi drinking coffee with resolutionaries and revolutionaries in
Aleppo cafe on his way to Damascus

Daughters eating
Ngos, gmos, condoms and twitter Bullet scorching the feet of super diplomats and mediators
Wiki leaks castrating the reputation of this state

Opportunists and oppositionists eating asparagus and liver in candle light dinners
Selfish pseudo prophets calculating political matrixes, salmonella laced sugar tongued
Democrats cooking autocratic beetroot and propaganda pizza for media rituals and puppets initiation.

1 comment:

  1. dear Reader the role of us poets in this world is to speak for the voicesless , to unearth injustices buried in the wombs of trouble , Wars are ravaging the world , i thnink we have a role to play , our word prophecy need to heal the world . I feel for those in war.